Sell on Cultured Kinfolk

Our Why

In an era where the Black buying power is $1.2 trillion and the Latinx buying power is 1.5 trillion it is imperative that as a community, alongside our allies, we normalize BUYING from Black, Latinx, and Indigenous businesses. Through practicing group economics we can continue to build political and economic power and keep our businesses open and thriving. This lifestyle will ensure future generations have places to visit, be inspired by, and seek employment. As master teacher Luisha Teish said, “We are the ancestors of the future and what we do now will have an impact”. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a marketplace where kinfolk of color can sell their fine art, home decor, vintage, products, spirituality services, and beyond. Our goal is to create opportunities for money and awareness to circulate money back into our communities.

Be Part of A Movement | $800 billion + Market 

What the success of Black owned brands like Fenty, Yezzy, Versus, or Shea Moisture signify is that buying Black is becoming the norm. Here at Cultured Kinfolk we understand that there is still a wayssss to go when it comes to creating the business infrastructure that reflects the demand for Black & Latinx culturally centered art, products, and services to the market. 

Cultured Kinfolk LLC is part of a $800 billion plus cultural + spiritual goods market that is an accumulation of the following markets crystals (200 Billion), street fashion (185 Billion), fine art market (1.5 Trillion), home decor (169 Billion), vintage (29 Billion), vinyl's (1 Billion), books (26 Billion), and more. 


Last year we launched Cultured Kinfolk LLC on Etsy and reached 124K people and grossed 40K. Even though we didn't convert all of our consumers we proved that they is a DEMAND for culturally and spiritually centered products, services, and art. 

What you can sell?

Since we are a cultural heritage and holistic lifestyle brand you can sell items such as art, clothing, webinars, books, tarot readings, skincare