In an era where the Black buying power is $1.2 trillion, it is imperative that as a community, alongside our allies, we make BUYING BLACK a lifestyle. Through practicing group economics we can continue to build political and economic power and keep our Black owned businesses (BOB) open and thriving. This lifestyle will ensure future generations have places to visit, be inspired by, and seek employment. As master teacher Luisha Teish said, “We are the ancestors of the future and what we do now will have an impact” .

We augment the wealth and brand status of white owned non profits and businesses everyday. From buying at Apple, Amazon, Nike, Goodwill, Gucci, Starbucks, Walmart, Olive Garden, Target, to attending certain Colleges. What has buying at these companies done for you or our community? Buying white or endorsing white owned businesses has become an unconscious habit WE ALL practice. Yet we ask you, when do you BUY BLACK?

We in partnership with 10 + local Black owned businesses, commemorates Black History Month by HIGHLIGHTING (BOB) cultural institutions, restaurants, artists, and brands in Philadephia through a African/Black Diaspora lens.

Here is what YOU can do:

  • BUY (BOB)
  • Spread the (BOB) word
  • Follow (BOB) on social media,
  • Create content (TikTok/Reels/Stories) about (BOB) products or services
  • Engage with (BOB) content
  • Write a review.

Please enjoy this living list of Philadelphia Black owned businesses, cultural institutions, artists, and beyond. 


Cultural Institutions:

Art Galleries: 




Retail / Lifestyle Brands: 



Sol Garden Studio



- Khiry Worwell Photography Studios



If you would like to be featured please email info@culturedkinfolk.com or DM @Cultured_Kinfolk on instagram.