Music Spotlight | Meet Saso: Trilingual Afro Dominican Rapper from The Bronx

Today we launch our "Sounds of KinFolk" new music series with our favorite Afro Dominican artist @originalsaso summer anthem "Tu Supiro."

We asked Saso a few questions about his latest hit. 

1. What is the story behind this song?
“Tu Supiro is a recently made slang meaning “Tu Supiste.” Which in spanish means “You already know.” The word “Supiro” in spanish also means “frosting,” making it a double entendre. I use the “frosting” meaning of the word in many tongue and cheek innuendos reference throughout the song— if you can catch my drift haha.

We made the song in Puerto Rico while volunteering for Helping Hands 4 Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization dedicated to build schools and community centers in the island. We recorded the song and shot it in the same week. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.”

2. Please share your thoughts on the visuals of the video

“The post production was incredibly meticulous, challenging and thoroughly planned. Nothing in that video was accidentally placed. We worked for months to have it finished and i’m happy with the amount of effort we put in the visuals because it shows!”

3. What do you want folks to take away from this song?

I want people to see that you can make bangers in a wholesome, unconventional way. Theres no need for baddies and fancy cars to make music feel good. We shot this at a river and in the streets of San Juan. Also to make people see and recognize my artistic range. I can go from jersey club, baile funk to reggaeton in an instant. You won’t know from which angle i’ll be coming next! 👹

Sounds of KinFolk is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented, queer, gender non conforming, vanguard artists, bands, and musicians from the global south and beyond who are making intentional music to being community together to learn, heal, and rise.

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