African Black Soap Benefits

African Black Soap Benefits are that is 100% made from all natural ingredients and is antibacterial. Studies show this natural cleanser works better than medicated soaps. It fades dark spot, clears blemishes, treats acne, alleviates razor bumps, and more. 

Where does African Black Soap Come From?

African Black Soap is a indigenous soap that comes from the West African countries of Ghana, Nigeria, and many more. In Nigeria, they call this soap "Ose Dudu" and in Ghana they call it "Anago Samina".  Africans have historically been a pioneer and innovator in skin care. For instance, When the moors colonized Spain for 700 + years it is said that the African moors introduced bathing rituals and tools like African Black soap into the Spaniard/ European hygiene rituals.  

What is African Black Soap Made From?

African Black Soap is made from natural ingredients such as Plantain Skin, Shea Butter, Honey, Lime Juice, Cocao Powder, Palm Oil, Water, and more. 

African black soap is made without adding lye, which makes the texture soft and lends a more moisturizing quality. It’s also unscented, making it suitable for most skin types.

Benefits of African Black Soap

African Black soap has many benefits and is antibacterial. Studies show this natural cleanser works better than medicated soaps. Here is a list of the benefits below: 

  1. 100% All natural
  2. Fades Dark Spots
  3. Clears Blemishes
  4. Anti- Aging
  5. Treats Acne
  6. Alleviates Razor Bumps
  7. Skin Exfoliant
  8. Soothes Eczema
  9. Restores damaged skin
  10. Antibacterial properties


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