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African Black Soap Benefits

African Black Soap Benefits are that is 100% made from all natural ingredients and is antibacterial. Studies show this natural cleanser works better than medicated soaps. It fades dark spot, clears blemishes, treats acne, alleviates razor bumps, and more. 

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New Music: Saso - Tu Supiro (Feat. Michy Mata, Dos Flakos & Dj Guari)

Today we launch our "Sounds of KinFolk" new music series with our favorite Afro Dominican artist @originalsaso summer anthem "Tu Supiro." We asked Saso a few questions about his latest hit.  1. What is the story behind this song?“Tu Supiro is a recently made slang meaning “Tu Supiste.” Which in spanish means “You already know.” The word “Supiro” in spanish also means “frosting,” making it a double entendre. I use the “frosting” meaning of the word in many tongue and cheek innuendos reference throughout the song— if you can catch my drift haha.We made the song in Puerto Rico while volunteering for Helping Hands 4 Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization dedicated to build schools and community centers in the island. We recorded the...

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How You Can Support The CROWN Act to End Hair Discrimination

Race-based hair discrimination is a real and devastating experience for millions of Black women, men, and children in this country. According to a 2019 study, Black women are one and a half times more likely to be sent home from the workplace because of their hair. Research released in August found that Black women with locs, twists, or braids were deemed less professional and were less likely to land job interviews. The impact of hair discrimination has lingering socioeconomic effects, and it's another thread in the fabric of systemic racism that cannot be ignored or dismissed. Discrimination is happening in schools too. Children are being "penalized" for their natural and protective hairstyles, while some young men have been forced to cut their hair to participate...

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